About Beth Gatchell


I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and have been teaching regularly for well over a decade. 

I help students manage stress consistently and find more joy on and off the mat.

I have helped people reduce chronic pain, improve flexibility, gain strength and conquer chronic stress.

It is my pleasure to share private yoga, group classes, retreats and workshops.

I deeply believe in the power of yoga to nurture and elevate every aspect of ourselves and have witnessed this in my own life.  

-Certified Yoga Instructor (Bhumi's Yoga and Wellness)
-Additional training in alignment-based yoga and trauma sensitive yoga
-Certified Shamanic Reiki Practitioner
-Certified Healing Hands Practitioner

My Story

I grew up as an athlete. I lettered in varsity sports in high school and played Division III collegiate volleyball. I was strong and flexible. 

I began practicing yoga in my early twenties. After I graduated from college I knew something was not right. I was chronically tired, and it was becoming harder to move. My legs felt like they were ripping when I walked up stairs or rode a bike. This continued for the next 20 years. I left my full-time job in science to heal in 2011. In 2016 I was diagnosed with mold sickness, Lyme disease and a host of chronic infections. 

I had to slow down tremendously due to years of chronic illness and trauma. As much as I didn't like it, slowing down was a gift. I got to know my life's seasons. I learned the value of rest. Restoring to health has been a long process of slowing down, receiving support and replacing hustle with intention. 

I offer a slow style of yoga to coordinate body, mind and heart and create integration. I have experience with very intense practice and very restorative practices. I've used them all to accommodate different life seasons. It is my honor and privilege to support you so you can reap benefits of yoga throughout your lifetime.  

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